Five Things I never want to Forget- 21 Months

(I wrote this back in May when Ava was a mere 21 months, which is like ten years in baby time. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to publish now that I have a free moment.)

1. The first time (okay maybe it was the second time but I’m counting this as your first) you spoke a sentence. I sneezed really loudly and you said in the most perfect voice, “Bless you, mama.” I was so proud.

2. The way you shake your head “no” when we ask if you want to go nite nite.

3. How you absolutely refuse to go to sleep without 1) your lullaby machine, 2) air purifier night light, 3) blankie, and 4) your crib. The latter makes it VERY difficult to take trips away from home. We raised a good sleeper–just as long as you’re sleeping in your room.

4. The way you sometimes hide in a corner and are really quiet because you’re concentrating on pooping just like Chewy used to do. Then when we ask you if you want to sit on the potty, your response is, “No?” It baffles us too!

5. I asked daddy for his input. He said, “Her smile.” That smile is everything.




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