10 Months!

Only 1.5 months into residency, and I’m already falling behind on here! I even forgot to do CJs 9 month photo shoot! :( To say that I’ve been busy while in the NICU is an understatement. How I’m managing to juggle 80 hour work weeks + studying + taking care of kids and housework is beyond me…..but let’s just say I have a great support system. :) I did manage to snap a few bath time pics on CJ’s10 month bday. My big boy loves his baths and eats EVERYTHING!! I’ve probably said this before, but he is just so different from Ava. She’s always been super picky with foods but CJ will scarf down turkey, chicken, all kinds of fruits, veggies, grains, and everything else. Aside from some mild eczema (he gets the dry skin from me), my baby is healthy. After working in the NICU, I realize how lucky we truly are to have such active babies (even when they’re active at 4 in the morning). Counting our blessings every single day.






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